Low-cost or free medical care Swain County NC.

To qualify for care from the Swain County Caring Corner you must:

  1. Be an adult, age 18-64

  2. Be uninsured

  3. Make less than 200% of the poverty level, based on the table below.

Count the number of people in your family, including yourself and any children. Then count the amount of money you and anyone else in your family make each week or year. If it is less than the number in the table, you may qualify.

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200% of Poverty Line, 2016
People in the Family Weekly Income Yearly Income
1 $480 $24,980
2 $650 $33,820/td>
3 $820 $42,660
4 $990 $51,550
5 $1,160 $60,340

What documents do I need?

Swain County Caring Corner will treat all qualified applicants without requiring any documentation.  However, we can provide limited services in our clinic.

To be eligible for additional services we are partnered with both the Duke LifePoint/Swain Community Hospital and NCMedAssist. If your healthcare provider determines that you need laboratory tests or a referral to a specialist, these services are provided free of charge to patients through the Duke LifePoint Charity care program. Free medications can be obtained through NCMedAssist. To participate in these programs, you will need the documents below

  1. Proof of residency – driver’s license or bill with your name and address

  2. Proof of income – a month’s worth of paystubs or a letter of support

  3. IRS Income Tax Form – First 2 pages of the IRS 1040 form for 1 page of 1040EZ form

  4. Proof that you have applied for Medicaid

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